OAASIS is open to students of all genders and racial identities. Comp takes place over four and a half weeks, and there are three requirements: meeting one-on-one with every current sister, a few group events for you to see what OAASIS is like in a group and get a taste of what OAASIS is all about, and a written application. Read below for more details!

Sister Dates
Sister dates are an opportunity for you to meet with sisters casually over coffee, a dhall meal, a walk along the Charles, a manicure, or even a MAC workout! Once comp begins, sisters will reach out to compers first to arrange dates (it will not be your responsibility to reach out to sisters). We understand that the idea of setting up dates with 24 new people can seem really daunting. What we would just like to emphasize is that you try to get to know and learn more about each sister, as we will also be doing our part in getting to know and learn more about each of you. We really want the comp process to be fun and enjoyable for everyone, so if you start to get really stressed about meeting with all the sisters, please let us know and we will try to help in any way.

Group Events
If you decide to comp, you will receive a copy of the comp calendar with details on each event, but on average you can expect one group event per week. There will be a volunteering event, a casual wine night hosted by several different sisters in their own rooms, and a discussion about the Asian experience in multi generational terms. Each of these three events are meant to introduce compers to OAASIS’s three pillars: service, sisterhood, and edu/pol respectively. All the events are mandatory unless otherwise noted, so if you will be late or absent, please let the Comp Directors, Kelsey Wu and Chelsea Wang, know by emailing

Written Application
Comp concludes with a brief written application. The questions on the application are meant to be a thoughtful and personal reflection of your experience with comp and how you envision yourself contributing to OAASIS. The application not meant to be stressful, so please don’t worry about it! In general, it only helps you-- the application is just meant to be another way you can express yourself so we can learn more about you and find more ways to advocate for you.

At the end of comp, the sisters will gather to vote on each comper, and those who receive a unanimous vote will be extended an invitation to join OAASIS. While there is no hard cap on the number of people accepted in each comp class, the nature of the unanimous vote does form an organic upper bound. You will be informed of our final decision the first weekend of March.

If you have any questions about comp, please contact our Directors of Comp, Kelsey Wu and Chelsea Wang, at