Catherine Li


Intended Concentration: Engineering (still deciding which)
Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Organizations: Trumpet player in the Harvard Radcliffe Orchestra + other ensembles around Harvard, on Varsity Sailing
Hobbies: Being outdoors, spending quality time with friends and family, cooking + food, taking side quests, building things/creating
What are 3 ways to your heart? Forethought and intentionality, good conversation and banter, Pinocchio’s Sicilian Cheese with all of the spices. There can never be enough spice.
Guilty pleasure? I love flamin hot Cheetos even though they hurt my stomach so bad
Favorite dhall hack? I love seltzer of all kinds, but will definitely spice it up with a cran-seltzer - half/half cranberry juice and the AHA blueberry pomegranate seltzer is the way to go!